It's essential you care about what you eat and how you nourish your body - day in, day out.
No amount of exercise will  combat eating the wrong foods 
No miracle skin creams will perfect skin thats ageing from the inside
Supplementing or medicating for ailments caused by bad eating habits -  simply a waste of time and money


We're all eating too much sugar, and it's making us fat and unhealthy. Even if you're slim, if you have a sweet tooth or eat rubbish, the chances are you're fat and unhealthy on the inside.

I am passionate about helping people reduce their sugar intake and have been running my Sugar Detox program for over four years - explaining the hidden dangers of the horrid white stuff and how to live stronger and longer without it. 

Control cravings 
Banish bloating
Lose weight
Feel revitalised 
Improve long term diet and health

The Sugar Detox programme includes a one-2-one diet analysis, advice on hidden sugars and how to avoid them, help with limiting your sugar intake, and healthy eating plans to ensure you make simple but lasting changes to your diet.

Delicious & healthy food and snacks - available now!

I've always made tasty and nutritionally loaded snacks for my events and workshops, and for clients who visit. Due to popular demand, I've started producing some of my healthy and delicious snacks and biscuits. 

Keep an eye out - they'll be stocked in local stores and coffee shops too.

You can order directly with my for now - see my shop page

Food and snacks to buy

Workshops, demonstrations and showroom events

I host workshops and one-2-one Sugar Detox programmes and healthy eating/cooking classes from my lovely kitchen at home. 

I also work on other external events, giving cooking demonstrations and talks on low sugar living and healthy eating -  and with leading kitchen companies to provide in-house showroom events that are a great pull for existing and potential clients.

If you would like to discuss an event, please contact me directly.
Contacts for Events and Workshops
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